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Unitech manufacture a full range of world class AIDC products, including barcode scanners, magnetic card readers, portable and fixed terminals, and a variety of keyboard products.
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Part of the INS Group of companies
Individual costs to INSBarcode for hardware, software, training & Installation. (PA682)
Packaging options with costs (Subject to MOQs)
History, experience and credibility.

INS is part of a group of three limited companies all based out of premises under 1-mile from London  Heathrow Airport.
The group consists of Electronic Handling Ltd, HDS Freight Ltd and INS Ltd.

HDS Freight has been trading for the longest period of time at just over 30-years. Designed specifically for the
movement of computer and hi-tech equipment from the USA. HDS Freight has now flourished and is a major import
agent from China and the Far East, offering cross trade services, bonded warehouse, and having accreditation to ISO
9001 and AEO certification.

EHL was created and incorporated over 25 years ago as a natural extension of the services offered by HDS Freight. An
entire fleet of Air -Ride vehicles and technically trained operatives gives EHL to edge when providing specialised
transport and installation services to the technology and medical industries and also having accreditation to ISO 9001.

INS became a realisation in 1999 and was implemented to facilitate the requirements of a number of I.T manufacturers
that needed a cradle to grave method of getting their products from country of origin to the user in the UK and Europe.
One of these Manufacturers happened to be Wasp Barcode and INS were indeed the first UK and EU distributor for
them. INS also holds ISO9002 Accreditation.

The INS portfolio has grown exponentially with the addition of INS Infrastructure Services, INS Web Services, INS IT
Support and of course INS Barcode. After much research, We recognised the unique way in which Unitech have built
their portfolio of products and services and decided to invest our time and budget into producing a huge website devoted
entirely to Unitech. Our intention was to prospect incremental business rather than to poach existing business.
Spreading the existing business even thinner reduces margins, de-values the product and brings nothing more to the
table for anyone involved. Our initial investment for the 78 page website was £4000.00 plus vat and our Google adwords
invoice averages £300.00 per month. Quite a significant investment for a company to take on without any request for

We have discussed at length the ways in which we can target new or develop existing vertical markets and the obvious
choice for us, given our internal experience, is warehousing, transport and logistics. Currently, Unitech don't have a
solution in a box for this market and we felt this a prime target for our efforts. A solution to include the necessary
hardware, software, installation, training, support and consumables is something that we really do see some mileage in.

I personally know of a number of warehousing companies that have already made varying degrees of investment in
barcode technology that they have shelved and don't use. It is commonplace for the bundled software from others to try
to be too many things to too many industries and very quickly becomes very confusing. Scanners, printers and software
have been left on the very warehouse shelves that they were originally intended to manage. The key element here for
success is installation, training and support based on a stable and secure platform from a recognised Manufacturer with
good brand recognition.
Planned, targeted marketing of iWarehouse

We have established through CorpData that there are approximately 7600 warehousing and logistics  companies in the UK with 1200 of them within a 20 mile radius of Heathrow airport which would be the perfect proving ground for our new iWarehouse bundle project. Our plan would be to market to all 1200 of the local ones  in a multi-pronged attack.

The customer data would have to be come from a recognised source which will include email addresses, postal addresses and main decision makers names.

-  A professional email advert linked to an online version would be sent to all individuals on the list.
-  A personally addressed letter with details of the iWarehouse bundle would be posted to each individual.
-  Warehousing trade press advert campaign - To be discussed and agreed
-  A telemarketing campaign would ensure that each and every contact on the list would receive a call directly from an INS member of staff.
-  A considered upgrade to Google Adword keywords and subsequent landing page that is in keeping with the email and postal marketing material.
-  Repeat calls to contacts until it is established that there is absolutely 'No interest'
Suggestions and considerations.

-  Brand awareness at end user level for Unitech does need some work. Managed UK Press releases for, first and foremost, the company as a whole but also for all of the new product releases. We need for the Unitech logo to be recognised and assimilated to barcoding solutions without the need to read the word Unitech. We have approached an international Marketing agency in addition to the details provided for UKWA's marketers  and can provide details if required.
-  Unitech should consider membership with UKWA as the member benefits and client interaction could prove to be very useful.
-  Unitech may want to handle to production of the packaging of we supply to dimensions and expected weight of the contents.
-  Software Media to be included within the box - Activation code to be emailed after the purchase.
-  Bundle can be assembled in the INS warehouse to begin with if required.
-  INS can manage all replies, responses, enquiries and prospects.  Progress reports can be produced as required.
-  Separate email address to be created - iwarehouse@insbarcode.co.uk - This can be forwarded to any group of email addresses.
-  General look and feel, including the brand name needs to be agreed by all. iWarehouse is purely a suggestion made by INS based on the popularity of the lower case letter 'i' and the word 'Warehouse' to leave no-one in any doubt about what the product actually is.
-  There needs to be a sanity check of the kit list to ensure that all cables/ancillaries are included.
-  Consideration needs to be given to how we can make this product work internationally.
-  Product need to be made available through distribution.
-  Unitech are to consult with Portech and Citizen with regard to marketing fund contribution.
-  A broad discussion regarding software functionality is required.
-  An RRP, distribution cost and reseller cost needs to be discussed and agreed.
-  Is the HT680/MS840BT the best overall products to use and the one likely to bring us the most success?
-  Future upgrades and add-ons should be factored into any financials.
-  A list of system requirements will need to be compiled for the warehouse PC, Handheld device and the Server.
-  Will INS have exclusivity for any enquiries that filter through to either Distribution and or Unitech Direct?
Marketing costs.

-  Production of professional email advert plus online version with hyperlinks - £650.00
-  *Company calling data for campaign - £1500.00
-  *Design of flyer/Leaflet - £360.00
-  Print of 2000 leaflets plus envelopes labels printing - £280.00
-  Leaflet postage (2nd class) - £600.00
-  *Calling costs over 2-month period £1500 per month through marketing company) - £3000.00
-  Advert in the UK Warehousing Association publication (Quarterly) http://www.ukwa.org.uk/
5000 readers, 1500 printed copies go to the owner/MD of the members company. Also have an email database of industry specific recipients totalling over 30,000.

*Please note that the cost of telemarketing calls, company data and the design of the flyer/leaflet will be covered by INS.

Please see file UKWA Rate Card

Accompanying text from UKWA Marketing:

Hi Lee,

It was good to speak with you earlier, please see some ideas below for your consideration, if you would like to arrange a meeting, please let me know:

A series of adverts to promote your brand into the sector, as a ball park figure we can offer quarter pages at £250 per issue + VAT

Supply articles and product updates to be published in Warehouse, on the UKWA website and newsletter

Banner advert on the UKWA website

Possible speaker slot at one of the UKWA regional networking meetings

e-shot to the UKWA's 30,000+  database

If your group is not a member join UKWA [£616+ VAT per year]

I trust the above is satisfactory and look forward to hearing your thoughts.


Daren Thomas

UKWA Sales Director
Tel: 0207 836 5522
Direct: 0771 9740736
Email: dthomas@ukwa.org.uk
End user PR & Brand Awareness

To be discussed with Darren from PR agency at earliest convenience. Many options and associated costs available.
The next stages and continuation of bundled solutions into other vertical markets.

Based on the success of the iWarehouse campaign.

-  iRetail
-  iMedical
Unitech PA682
Unitech PA682 Charger and  Cradle
Unitech PA682 UnitCare hardware support (3-year)
SQL based inventory/stock control software (WiFi version)
Citizen Barcode Label Printer  
Barcode Printer Labels (100mm x 100m x 500 labels) 
Installation and training - 1 Day on site nationwide*
Microsoft MySQL - FOC
Total, ex VAT 
Unitech MS840BT Charger and  Cradle
SQL based inventory/stock control software (WiFi version)
Citizen Barcode Label Printer 
Barcode Printer Labels (100mm x 100m x 500 labels) 
Installation and training - 1 Day on site nationwide*  
Microsoft MySQL - FOC
Total, ex VAT  
Individual costs to INSBarcode for hardware, software, training & Installation. (MS840BT)
Double walled White box - 385x485x400 Pack of 20
Full colour box labels for 4 sides x 200