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Unitech manufacture a full range of world class AIDC products, including barcode scanners, magnetic card readers, portable and fixed terminals, and a variety of keyboard products.
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In business landscape we all can identify many different challenges in fields like logistics, technical, sales and support. You constantly have to reset your beacons to overcome these challenges and to grow. On your way to unknown heights you need to deliver peak performances and be in full control. In every industry, for instance field service, retail and healthcare, a loss of control in mountaineering won"t lead to efficiently reaching the top but to interruption of improvement. By using Unitech equipment you ensure that your business can take its next step. Add UnitCare to your order and extend your control!

Now you can protect your units against accidental damage, normal wear & tear and more with UnitCare, a convenient, direct pre-packaged service from Unitech. You enjoy enhanced investment protection and a low total cost of ownership.

Customers have different demands to keep operations running efficiently, as well as cost effectively. Therefore UnitCare is based on understanding business and service needs of each industry where Unitech"s mobile computers are running.

This service program goes beyond the standard warranty with a complete package of service levels offering a high level of security adjusted your business needs. UnitCare offers you a reliable, high-quality and effective service program for getting your devices serviced quickly. It keeps your mobile computers running at peak performance which will result in an increase of customer satisfaction and drives the hidden costs out of your installations.
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