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Unitech manufacture a full range of world class AIDC products, including barcode scanners, magnetic card readers, portable and fixed terminals, and a variety of keyboard products.
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Supporting HealthCare
In today’s fast-paced, dynamic healthcare environments, medical professionals need technology that can keep up. Unitech is dedicated to providing high quality healthcare solutions that improve and increase efficiency, safety and accuracy. The Unitech healthcare series is designed specifically for medical applications and is affordably priced, so that every healthcare provider can more effectively run their business while spending more time giving quality patient care.

Unitech is constantly looking toward the future and utilizes the most advanced technology to create high performance healthcare solutions. Rugged yet lightweight, Unitech products feature a unique antimicrobial housing, making them ideal for any healthcare application. Powerful wireless connectivity allows for use at the point of care while 2D imaging reads bar codes on patient identification bracelets, medication bottles and equipment. Unitech products also feature advanced RFID technology for improved accuracy and overall patient safety in applications such as patient tracking and medication distribution.
Handheld Scanners
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